Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Here goes nothing! I started this blog (apparently two years ago! *monkey covering his eyes emoji*) and never got back to it! 

My first favorite today is always this angel!
I sent this to my sister the other day and said "What is there something on my face?"
She is such a happy baby and I am so blessed to be her Mama. 

My second favorite this week is that I am getting back to my TeachersPayTeacher store and creating fun exciting resources for teachers and students again! I started this store my first year of teaching and would occasionally add products I developed to use in my classroom but never gave it quite the attention I want to now. 

I love college football Notre Dame football!! My husband and I were both equipment managers for the team and loved every minute we got to spend on that field. We bleed Blue and Gold in this house. ;) But... even more than I love Notre Dame football, I love my alma mater, Saint Mary's College, and my new SMC Mug.

My last favorite this week is that tomorrow my baby (who isn't a baby anymore!0 is getting her 6 month photos taken! (Thank you Sara!) Here is a little throw back to her newborn photos at 9 days old.

Thanks for stopping by!

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